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  • Does your organisation have a clear ‘vision’?
  • What’s your role in shaping and achieving this vision?

As a corporate or strategic leader, you have an important part to play in developing the vision that your organisation aspires to achieve. To do this, you’ll need a good understanding of your organisation’s values and culture, as well as the wider public service context in which you are operating. Focusing on service improvement and better outcomes for individuals and communities, you’ll need to inspire others to share this vision and help you turn this vision into reality.


Vision Resources


Examples from Practice

What Others Say

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Drew McEwan - Carman

"Leadership begins when we start to explore 'How can I best make a difference?'"

Blanchard, K (2006) Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager, London, Harper Collins

"It is helpful, in terms of vision, to constantly bring it back to people who use services, whether it will produce good outcomes for them."

University of Stirling et al. (2010) Leading Together, Dundee, SSSC

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