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“Vision” for managers means thinking about:

  • How can I take forward my organisation's vision?
  • How do I ensure that my team share this vision, and are committed to achieving it?
  • How do I encourage performance improvement?

To evidence this leadership capability, you’ll need to look beyond day-to-day operations to strive for improvement, and harness the energies and expertise of your team and others you work with. In order to lead effective partnerships, you’ll need a strong vision and influence, and a good understanding of the wider context you work in.

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Scotland's Permanent Secretary on leadership

"Our vision is a socially just Scotland with excellent social services delivered by a skilled and valued workforce which works with others to empower, support and protect people, with a focus on prevention, early intervention and enablement."

Social Services in Scotland: a shared vision and strategy 2015-2020, Social Work Services Strategic Forum, 2015

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