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Collaborating & Influencing

Collaborating and Influencing

With increasing pressure on resources and the need to develop personalised approaches, collaborative leadership is more important than ever. As a manager, your role may include collaborating and influencing both within and outwith your organisation:

  • Building relationships based on trust and respect, and leading or contributing to partnerships
  • Influencing people over whom you have no authority, who may also have leadership roles
  • Supporting collaborative approaches with people who use your service, and with workers at all levels in the workforce
  • Managing a range of conflicting views, and working together to reach shared solutions.

Collaborating & Influencing Resources

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Gloria McLoughlin - Scottish Care

"The ability to build trust, to relate to others with integrity and to 'bridge' diversity are all essential skills for those engaged in leadership activities across agency and sector boundaries."

University of Stirling et al. (2010) Leading Together, Dundee, SSSC

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