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As a corporate or strategic leader you have a key role in promoting an organisational culture which encourages managers and staff to use their skills and abilities fully, to take appropriate risks and to make decisions within their own sphere of influence.

This means encouraging and valuing leadership, expertise and insight at all levels of the workforce and among people who use the service, recognising them as co-producers.

Empowering others may involve:

  • developing a clear action plan to build an organisational culture which embraces the leadership of people who use services, their carers, the community, staff and colleagues at all levels in the organisation
  • working with colleagues in partner organisations to build collaborative leadership capacity and enable innovation and appropriate risk-taking across organisational boundaries.

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James McKillop - Scottish Dementia Working Group

"They spoke of how good leaders enable others and empower them so they don’t feel helpless."

(Enabling Leadership Research, 2016, p21)

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